Put your consumer brand operations on autopilot

Save time on costing, reconciliation, and planning in a dynamic environment using
real-time data with all the flexibility of a spreadsheet and none of the hassle.

Track landed and delivered costs

Mandrel calculates precise, actual landed and delivered costs — accounting for every expense on a daily basis at the product and SKU-level to help you price products effectively and drive contribution margin.

Automate fulfillment invoice reconciliation

Mandrel analyzes your contracts and automatically reconciles expected fulfillment charges against your 3PL bill, identifying variances, categorizing your spend, and highlighting trends to enhance transparency, reduce invoicing errors, and uphold contractual rates.

Understand your inventory at a glance

Mandrel provides real-time inventory levels and values across locations and platforms to help you identify discrepancies, measure key metrics, and support cash flow planning while leveraging inbound orders and projected sales data to alert you to stockouts and reorder dates.

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