Reconcile your fulfillment spend in seconds

Mandrel instantly and automatically reconciles 3PL bills at the order level, identifying errors that save you money while eliminating manual tasks and giving you real-time visibility into spending categories and trends.

Your data at the push of a button

Mandrel’s no-hassle integrations with commerce platforms and warehouse management systems automatically pull and normalize order, inventory, shipment, and returns data so you can avoid wrangling CSV reports, spending on third-party iPaaS tools, and hiring software engineers.

Automated invoice reconciliation

Upload rate cards and invoices from one or multiple 3PLs for storage and digitization. Mandrel instantly and automatically reconciles each invoice against your expected fulfillment spend to identify variances that you can ignore or flag to your 3PL, ensuring you’re able to capture savings opportunities without spending hours manually reviewing billing spreadsheets for errors or for fulfillment SLA breaches.

A single source of truth across your operations

Mandrel combines data from multiple sales channels and fulfillment nodes into a single location, giving you real-time transparency into your whole operations with the ability to analyze key inventory and fulfillment performance metrics at the order- and SKU-level, empowering operations teams to use data to drive profitable growth.

Save time

Save time

Streamline repetitive processes and eliminate manual tasks without missing out on any of the insights or savings opportunities.

Save money

Save money

Receive real-time alerts and performance trends to hold partners accountable and improve customer experience.

Grow profitably

Grow profitably

Review fulfillment costs at the SKU-level and on a daily basis, so you can under the impact of promotions on the bottom line and improve cash flow planning.

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